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Disk Master Professional 2.2

Protects your PC by providing data backups and system disaster recovery tools
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Disk Master Professional is a full-featured disk management tool that will not only help you create reliable backups of your valuable data, but will also keep your hard drives healthy and clean at all times. You can move, resize, and clone your drives and disks, as well as create virtual drives and RAM disks to boost your system’s performance. Besides, this app is capable of creating “rescue disks”, which you can store in a USB device or an ISO image file.

The program has been clearly designed for all types of users, regardless of their skills and knowledge. The main functions provided can be operated easily via the program’s Home tab, where you will find direct links to the back-up, restore, clone, move, and resize features, together with the two virtual disk functions mentioned above. The large font used and the lack of cumbersome explanations and deterring caveats makes this software tool a great help for those not-so-experienced users. To top it all off, it would be desirable to try to improve the English translation used for most interface labels and messages. Some are not sufficiently clear, and may make some novice users doubt of the program’s effectiveness.

This professional disk management tool comes with a set of utilities that can greatly improve your system’s performance and the overall level of security of your disk data. The first thing it does when first launched is check your disks and create a “pre-operating system”. The program will gather useful information about your hard disks’ health and how the various disks are organized, their size, the amount of data they hold, and any other information it may need to perform its various functions accurately. As it performs an S.M.A.R.T. check of your disk drives, it can provide you with reliable and essential information about their health status.

The app’s back-up and restore functions are probably some of their most popular ones, and probably the most straightforward. You can schedule your backups for regular updating and tell the program to perform a sector-by-sector backup for extra safety. To me, however, it was the program’s disk/partition cloning, resizing, and copying capabilities that caught my attention. Disk Master Professional managed to turn this functionality into a set of simple and stress-free operations, far from cryptic and sometimes indecipherable set of instructions that other similar tools offer their users.

Finally, it is important to note the program’s ability to create recovery disks. It allows you to save the necessary data either as an ISO file on your PC or as an external access key on a USB device.

With Disk Master Professional every action is simpler to perform, and yet as efficient and reliable. A must-have tool for anyone looking for an easy-to-use app that can guarantee access to his or her computer and data even after a system crash.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Well-organized interface
  • Offers an interesting variety of disk management tools
  • Creates recovery disks
  • Easy back-up and restore operations
  • Checks your HD health thoroughly


  • Poorly translated into English. Some messages are hard to decypher
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